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The #1 rapid response aircraft maintenance service in the nation.

Lone Star AOG is proud to announce that it is merging with Constant Aviation! Under the Constant Aviation banner, we will not just provide the same dedicated, fast, and reliable service; we'll be faster, more fully staffed, and more capable to solve all of your maintenance needs.

Bryan and Will changing an inlet.

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With 2,500 AOG events and 65,000 hours in 2014, Lone Star AOG has proven to be the "Easy Button" when your aircraft needs help anywhere in the world.

* Our response time in North America is unmatched.

* Our quality is unparalleled with a .06% repeat rate.

* Our costs are, on average, 38% lower than the manufacturer's AOG response.

* We only order parts when we KNOW what is wrong; unlike many shops who will blow your parts budget with speculation.


If you're in a pinch and need help ASAP, ask for a Quick Turn:
  • 900 statute miles in 6 hours nonstop makes remote AOG problems disappear! 
  • Overnight solution; closed FBO's and locked gates don't stop rampside arriving technicians and tools!
  • Very cost effective compared to technicians driving long distances!
  • We'll take parts with us or pick them up along the way; no waiting on Fedex for those hard to ship parts.

The AOG Machine!